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Meet the Mormons

Meet the Mormons

‎1hr 18min‎‎ - Rated PG‎‎ - Documentary‎
Director: Blair Treu - Cast: Bishnu Adhikari, Ken Niumatalolo, Carolina Muņoz Marin, Col. Gail Halvorsen, Jermaine Sullivan
Meet the Mormons examines the very diverse lives of six devout Mormons. Filmed on location and across the globe, Meet the Mormons takes viewers on a journey into the day-to-day realities of individuals living in the U.S., Costa Rica, Nepal and beyond. From their individual passions to their daily struggles, each story paints a picture as rich and unique as the next while challenging the stereotypes that surround the Mormon faith.

310 Memorial City Mall, Houston, TX

Last Days in Vietnam

Last Days in Vietnam

‎1hr 38min‎‎ - Documentary‎
Director: Rory Kennedy -
During the chaotic final weeks of the Vietnam War, the North Vietnamese Army closes in on Saigon as the panicked South Vietnamese people desperately attempt to escape. On the ground, American soldiers and diplomats confront a moral quandary: whether to obey White House orders to evacuate only U.S. citizens.

510 Texas Street, Houston, TX

Art and Craft

Art and Craft

‎1hr 29min‎‎ - Documentary‎
Director: Sam Cullman, Jennifer Grausman, Mark Becker -
Mark Landis has been called one of the most prolific art forgers in U.S. history. His impressive body of work spans thirty years, covering multiple styles and periods. And while the copies could fetch impressive sums on the open market, Landis isn't in it for money but, instead, donates his fakes to museums across the country. When Matthew Leininger, a tenacious registrar in Cincinnati, discovers the ruse and organizes an exhibition of the work, Landis must confront his legacy and a chorus of museum professionals clamoring for him to stop. However, it's not so clear that he can. Landis is a diagnosed schizophrenic whose elaborate con is also a means to cultivate connection and respect feeding what he now understands as an outright "addiction to philanthropy."

510 Texas Street, Houston, TX
7:30‎  ‎9:35pm‎

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